Saturday, October 8, 2011

sending him off to war

is one of the hardest things in my short life I have had to do. The emotions rush in a flood your entire body. You have that enormous lump in your throat while holding back tears. You feels as though the air was sucked out of the room and little butterflies now occupy the space of air in your body. I feel this because you know that for at least months it will be the last time you see him, kiss his lips, feel his warmth, and you know you are going home to a painfully quite home. The bed will be cold and lonely. You lose your best friend for a while and sometimes it's the most interesting part of your day is gone. I know for months there is going to be have heavy weight on my shoulders, but I know in time it will all be okay. Or at least you pray that he will come home and life will go on as though it never happened. The year I survived and learned independence. It can only make me a better, wiser, and a stronger person. So let's do this!

     I cannot even describe how proud I am of him. We have learned what a little bit sacrifice is for this great country that can only be learned by serving.

Lacing Up his Boots



Christine Middlecamp said...

You're words echo inside me like that felt some four years ago with Eric. Good-bye's are always difficult, aren't they? Especially when the person we're having to say good-bye to (whether temporary or permanent) is someone whom we love with all our heart...I shall be thinking of you, Erin. Stay strong and if ever in need of a chat or two, email me.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Christine! I can only imagine that it is only a small bit of what you went through four years ago. Thanks for your support and kindness!


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