Tuesday, September 13, 2011

toddler ruger

My sweet little baby is getting so big. He has gone from this...
4 months


to a very busy little toddler in just one year!
16 months

Right now he...

gets into everything.

loves food. A favorite is bananas.

has his own language, that for the life of me, I can not understand.

scratches himself so much that I must keep clothes on him.

thinks everything is a phone. It could be a lens cap, hair dryer plug in, etc. I love how he holds it on his shoulder.

loves to get his teeth brushed.

knows how to pitch a little tantrum.

has a awesome forced laugh.

has A LOT of teeth.

can say dada. And for the most part that is about it. He can shake his head no and yes. Yes is putting his chin to his neck (love!). He can give the sign for "all done" & "more."

loves to give kisses. Blow them or on the face.

found the joy of stickers.

grows in independence everyday.

laughs and talks a lot!

And we can't get enough of him.




phone? here is the video of him with the hair dryer from last night. It is long. I did not have time to edit it.

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