Sunday, September 11, 2011

this day 10 years ago

I was sitting in a classroom taking a English exam. Second period of the day in High School, ninth grade to be exact. It was like to any normal ordinary day except it wasn't. It was the day that change a whole lot. We could hear the shouts and screams from the neighboring classroom. Thinking may they are playing a game or some activity over there. After the teacher noticed the alarmed look in our faces, she told us why so much noise was made. I don't really think we comprehend what she said, but soon we saw the news and knew the gravity in which what was taking place. The rest of that day in the ninth grade will live in my memory forever.

Really that day was different, but really it change more than a day. It changed a part and pieces of my life. My husband was in high school also at this time. He volunteered to join the military 7 years later. Now he is about to go to war and fight for his country. This is where my life is changed. I now see things through a different lens. When it's your husband fighting for a cause, because of 9/11 he and I will experience a part of the event. The ten years after part. It's not just about those who were lost and their families though their lost is great, but for those who stood up and said I will fight for those lost and freedom so that this will never happen again. Volunteered to put their life on the line and to know that they might not becoming home. 9/11 has affected those who have did serving in foreign countries and their family. This tragedy has effected more than a group, but a nation.


Anonymous said...

I was newly married about about to leave for work when it happened. I decided to watch the news before I left and there it was... breakingnews.

I can't believe that 10 years has gone, because it seams like it just happened. Tell your hubby... Thank you for suerving our beautiful country. It means the world to me. My thoughts will be with him as he fights the good fight!
-Heidi Sonboul

Erin said...

Ten years seems to have past quickly!!
Heidi thank you!


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