Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Year Old

I have a one year old! Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone, but I know where it has gone. I have done a lot to get here. Though one year passes fast.

R is so sweet. He just learned how to give kisses.

He is very vocal!

 He still is working on walking.

He loves to entertain by making noises, laughing, and shaking his head.

He is still small for a one year old at 17 lbs.

He is a super speed crawler.

He always cuddles with me.

He is now 12 months old.

Here is his invite to the party
Card- Lenora Standford

1 comment:

Monica Lifferth said...

Can't believe he is one! The party looks fabulous! You are in for a year of fun! I love the 1-2 year. Lots of chasing and lots of laughing. :)


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