Monday, August 18, 2014

Upadate | Project Life

We are more than half way through 2014! I am still going strong on my Project Life Album. Though I work on my album once a month and about a month behind. It works for me! I have completed the Baby Album back in June and will be sharing the entire album next week. These spreads are from April of this year.

The week my Nephew was born.
Designs A & G Page Protectors with Midnight and Baby Edition cards 

Every day photos for this fun spread.
Design B & J Page Protectors with Kiwi and Coral cards

 Second page...
Designs J & A Page Protectors with Kiwi Core Kit 

My birthday week!
Design A Page Protectors with Sunshine Core Kit


Gina200 said...

Great spreads! I like how they are easy on the eyes - not too busy but still very pretty. How do you deal with the odd page protectors on the reverse...i.e. If you use something other than design A, like in the first spread, for the next week, do you have trouble fitting the next week's photos in it or do you just make it work with what you've got?

Erin said...

Thanks Gina! Great question. I make it work. I try to do a month at a time and will I am putting the pages together I just double check to make sure it will work on both sides. If it won't I try a different page protector design.


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