Monday, August 6, 2012

Apples and Mohawks

Right now.... we are enjoying be a family again. We are just getting used to being together again.  R is loving daddy being home. He clings to him when he is home and if he's not home he always asks where he is. I think what I missed most about him being aways is well everything. We went on an afternoon walk and I snapped a few photos. You can see more of my photography here on my photography blog.

20120730-IMG_1164 he has such nice large eyes like me :)

20120730-IMG_1158 trying to get him to even look towards the camera is really hard at this stage. He knows not to unless I promise him candy. Ha!



20120730-IMG_120220120730-IMG_1207 love him

One of J's favorite restaurants right now is the Smash Burger. We love their burgers. J and R exchange looks.

bedtime story
oh and I almost forgot about all the new laundry since he has been home... I'm busier than ever! Happy Monday!


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