Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photo Paper: Red River Paper

I have been looking for some awesome paper for photographs and hybrid projects to print from my home printer. I just have a dell series 9 printer. Honestly I have no complaints about my printer. I know the paper is important for a good print.
I was given the sample pack from Red River Paper that has a sample of their papers. I really liked all the paper. I was fond of the Utra Pro Gloss for printing photos. I print photos for my traditional paper scissors layouts and this paper was perfect for printing my custom size photos. I like the photos were crisp and clear with the right amount of gloss. It does not get that annoying glare that gloss photos usually have. These photos are hard to tell what the paper looks like. You might see these photos on a page sometime soon.


I also used one of the matte papers to print photos, while they turned out good, I prefer gloss for photos. Though I really want to try an 8.5x11 hybrid page with some of the matte paper.
Check out their scrapbook section on their website. It has good information about printers, paper, and software.

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Busygirl said...

Thanks for the review. I've always wanted to try red river paper.


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