Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend 5

through the phone camera. This weekend I decided to challenge myself by only  using my phone.

The obsession with the instagram app on the iphone made me want to jump on to the obsession too, but I do not have a iphone. So I found this little gem, called MOLO for my phone.

It was a relaxing weekend with only a few little errands to do and a birthday party at the park and church.

 Went to a birtday party at the park for one of his friends. It was windy and very hot. R enjoyed eating Cheetos and playing in the wood chips.

J and I enjoyed some Cokes. And R escaped outside. We joked that he is exfoliating his skin on the cement.

*Remembering and capturing these moments while the my solider is still here. 

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My Army Life said...

Hi, there. Just wanted you to know that I just found your blog and voted for you in the "Top 25 Military Family Blogs" contest at Circle of Moms today! I look forward to reading more soon! Feel free to visit me at:


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