Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend 4

Weekend in photos...
On Friday, before we went out to dinner Ruger was so tired.

We went to the park on Saturday we videoed and took some photos. R really enjoys the park and the outside.
Love how you can see R in the reflection

So the Easter pictures did not turn out well. Mostly due to R wanting to throw eggs and chase them. Ugh. R's 1st Easter is coming up. And his first birthday. He has gotten so big. I can't believe how fast the year has flown by. I still need to finish his book. I have a computer full of videos that I need to get on disc, but I haven't. I guess it will happen eventually. But what really matters is that we are enjoying our little one.


amy lee mallory said...

Oh erin - these photos are beyond adorable!!! I can't wait to get to GA - I will pay you if you will teach me how to get of "auto" on my camera. your mom is going to help me too after the wedding. I have a tutorial called "get me off auto" but it is confusing. I love R's invitation!!!

Erin said...

Thank you Amy!! Getting off "auto" really takes practice and patience. Honestly, I am still learning everyday with photography. I am glad you got the invitation!


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