Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Journey

Life changed for us quickly. We found out that we were going to Fort Bliss two months before we left. We had no clue what Fort Bliss or El Paso meant other than not beach location we were hoping for. We did not know when we would be moving to Fort Bliss. 

When J came home from Basic Training and OSUT, just a week later we were in El Paso. After a two day drive, two weeks in a hotel, and a moving van a month later, we were here.

As we stand on the mountain and look over El Paso we realize this is home for now
We were out of our element; desert, Mexicans, and their culture. Why did we get sent here? Why not closer to home or a tropical destination? We were here so we learned to deal with the dry heat, culture shock, and military life because we had to. We have seen the beauty of this area. It has only made our family stronger.

Ruger was born here. We made friends here. Home was very distant. Georgia is home. We had a house, family, and good friends. We learned we still had our family, our friends, and our house.

Right now we are on an adventure and learned a lot from our experience. Learned we can do anything.

You can find strength in life changes as I have. Not only moving but dealing with the army wife life.

Queen of Quirk
You Are Here Full Kit
Knotty Girl Paper Pack
Map-Google maps
USA map- clip art

 This is inspired by my pinterst boards. Here is the original at Tickey Boo.
*We have been in El Paso almost 2 years now.

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