Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend 5

We had a wonderful weekend that was kicked off with my birthday. I got my hair cut and a pedi...very relaxing. Then J took me to eat a really good dinner and he bought me a beautiful comfy pajamas.

Saturday we colored eggs for our Easter egg hunt on Sunday. It was so much fun. I love all the colors. Then we went out for my favorite dessert...frozen yogurt a Yogo Berry!

Sunday is the Lord's day and happens to be when Easter festivities take place. My mom got R's Easter basket. We went out for Easter lunch. Then the Easter egg hunt with friends.

 Dyeing eggs is so much fun and I love all the colors.
 After getting his Easter basket, R had his first peep! He loved it. We were ready for church. R got so many comments on his tie.
We had a egg hunt. It was windy at the park. R enjoyed picking up the eggs.
Just 2 more. When we were egg dyeing. Love this photo of R and J  :)

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