Friday, February 24, 2012

Right Now

I cannot believe it is the second month of this year. And it seems this year has only begin.
  I started the new year on the phone with my husband who was on his way back from R&R. I was so thankful to been able to ring in the New Year, even if it was on the phone.

Right now life is going fast. We are staying busy which makes the days pass quickly. Staying busy where the days past fast is good during a deployment. Last month we have celebrate day 100. I wanted to do something to mark a milestone for the deployment. So we celebrated day 100 with cupcakes and candles and it was fun...and R didn't mind the cupcakes. Now we are half way to the end!!!!!!!!

I am doing Project Life (Becky Higgins).  I decided to do it for one simple husband requested more pictures. So I decided the best way to do that was to document our everyday. I am so excited to show him when he comes home! He was so excited about the project when I told him about it.

Also I believe crafting/scrapbooking has saved me from going crazy. It keeps me occupied. I have to scrapbook or I get out of sorts! Though I have a few bad days and weeks, they too pass.

The only thing I really have been interested on TV is Once Upon  a Time. Though I need and want to read, I just haven't made the time. Right now R loves Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse.

I have found on so many occasions R sleeping in his bedroom floor. I think he would rather play than sleep so he plays until he falls asleep in the floor.

I am so thankful for friends that have ate lunch/supper with me, gone shopping with me, talked with me, and just hung out. I am so thankful for friends. And I will not forget my family who has put up with R and I. They are a lifesaver.

I am a NOMAD... We have a traveling home right now. No real place on earth to call a "home". But I am okay with that, though sometimes it drives me crazy not having a place of my own.

And I miss him. I miss every bit of him, but I will not bore you with how much I really miss him! Cannot wait until we are all back together again.

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