Monday, June 13, 2011


This summer is going to be HOT! First summer with out air conditioning. That is because we have evaporated cooling which is not the best for 103 degree weather. We will be doing a lot of swimming. Just trying to stay cool this week with no rain in sight. sigh.

Here is my currents for You can check out more of my digital layouts at or all of my layouts at two peas galleries.

I love the sun

Echo Park| Splash paper and Elements 1 & 2
Jessica Sprague| Jessica Sprague Template+ 1.12

I am still working hard on R's 1st year book. I am so close. I hope to order it soon. It's taking me longer than expected. Here is a page for 12 months.
12 Months
Cosmo Cricket| The Boyfriend Paper Pack, The Boyfriend Candy Candy, The Boyfriend Elements
Splendid Fiins| baker's twine, (faux)laroids

This one for a speed scrap on Friday. It was my first one. I really liked the challenge.
Queen of Quirk| Old Boris Kit, Lucky Duck Paper Pack, Knotty Girl Paper Pack
Kitschy Digitals| Vintage Cabinet Cards
In the Making| Valpolicella elements pack
Splendid Fiins| @ the office - graph brushes


Tate said...

love it! what font did you use for celebrate his day?

Erin said...

The 12 is font Mexcellent. I love this font.

Tate said...

love it! but what font did you use for the his day on your happyness layout...

Erin said...

Oh sorry. That font is Lobster 1.4

Tate said...

for the his day? it looks like it is handwritten...I have been searching for a great handwritten font like that and have had no luck...

Erin said...

CK Becky Font - It's somewhere on the creating keepsakes' website.


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