Sunday, May 29, 2011

For those who have died...

When your military every patriotic holiday means so much more.

Though when I was growing up my parents always taught me what patriotism is. I believe every American should learn to love this country!

Our military sacrifice so much everyday and some sacrifice it all.

Memorial Day is not just a day off! It's one day a year we remember those who sacrificed it all for our country. These men and women bettered our country. Please take a moment to remember those lost their life for you.

Thank you to those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and the families left behind whose sacrifices will never be forgotten.

Please take time to thank a veteran or a war widow or visit a war memorial.

Here are some blogs to visit to remember those who have given their life and the effects it has.
Chrissy,  Letters to you, is a blogger that lost the love of her life who died in action in September. 
Andrew Olmsted is a blogger who left behind his Last Post on his blog.
1LT Todd Weaver left his last letter to his wife and daughter.
A Little Pink in the World of Camo blog about a widow who lost her husband March 2010.
The Yllescas Family was a blog a came across as my husband was in basic training. She lost her husband in 2008 from wounds suffered from an IED in Afghanistan.
More Widow Blogs

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