Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eye Candy - 10 Things

1. I have been dreaming of these letters. I will be doing these very very soon.
Yarn Letters

2. I love glittery, sparkly things. I love this!!
Mirror Art

3. I have been having something like this jewelry art on my mind to do. This one is just perfect!
Jewelry Display

4. Simple but perfect! I have to have this!!
Clip Board Display

 5. Sparkly sugary sweetness!! ...need I say more?!
Edible Glitter

6. Would love to have this camera. Great for some cool shots!
Remade Vintage Camera

7. Want, want, want! Love this for a hair piece.
Whippy Cake

8. Beautiful!
Epiphanie Bag 
Photo by My Four Hens Photography

A sweet treat - Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

10. I really want to do a newborn session soon! These are beautiful!!
Sweet Newborn Photography 

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